Luna Talks with Anna Paulina – Episode 36: Fighting Identity Politics on Immigration with Catalina Lauf

U.S. immigration policy should be fair and humane. What we’re seeing at the southern border right now is anything but — and the direct result of the left’s open-borders agenda. For this podcast, Anna breaks down the border crisis with Catalina Lauf, the daughter of a legal Guatemalan immigrant who’s challenging Adam Kinzinger for Congress in Illinois’ 16th District. As Anna and Catalina discuss, no one’s more frustrated with illegal immigration than Hispanic voters. And while the Biden administration may think their border policies are compassionate, they’re causing far more misery for migrants than the policies of the Trump administration. Catalina also tells the story of her mom coming to the U.S., recounts starting a small business with her sister, and details what it’s like being attacked by the left for being a bi-racial conservative. Plus, they dig into how feminism went off the rails in recent years and whether women should be eligible for the draft.

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