Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 79: Breaking Down the Black Resistance to the COVID-19 Vaccine

In recent months, several high-profile African Americans have come out against the COVID-19 vaccine. For this podcast, Rob breaks down this black resistance to the vaccine and why you should care, regardless of your race. These black celebrities are either openly critical of the vaccine or hesitant to take it. Either way, they’ve been bullied and ridiculed for resisting the jab. By standing their ground, they’re standing up to tyranny as vaccine mandates become more widespread. As Rob explains, with their vaccine mandates the left is looking for another way to control your life and to deflect from their own failures while in power. Plus, on this episode, Rob digs into the recent story of Border Patrol agents supposedly whipping illegal Haitian immigrants crossing the border. Remember all the outrage that ensued? Well, that story was debunked as a big, fat lie — just the latest example of media malpractice.

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