Defund the Police: Academies Face Recruiting Drought after a Year of Cop Demonization

After one year of anti-police narratives, police academies struggle to recruit new officers.  

This spring, Alexandria, Minnesota’s policing college hosted a luncheon to thank new graduates of the police program. In the nearly 60-year history of the policing college, the luncheon was the first of its kind.  

Over the last year a dark-cloud has loomed over the subject of policing, especially in the state of Minnesota, where George Floyd died in May of 2020. Police departments have faced recruiting struggles the past several years, however, the last year has proved difficult as defund the police movements gained popularity across the nation.  

The implications of recent social movements have paralyzed the rest of the police community. News indicated that all cops were bad, poorly trained, and unable to deal with high-stress situations. These generalizations are untrue, and have caused enrollment drops in law-enforcement programs.  

The only way to support the police community is to learn from the experience of current and past officers, who know the value of the work they do. Combatting the anti-police narrative must start from within the police community.  

To read more about the police recruitment drought, visit National Review. 


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