Bad to Worse: Biden’s Approval Rating Falls

President Biden’s approval ratings plummet as today’s top issues catch up with him. It’s time for solutions 

President Biden cannot hide in the honeymoon phase much longer. After eight months in office, President Biden’s approval rating is falling as crises over immigration, foreign policy, the economy, and COVID-19 reach peak concern for Americans. 

Biden’s botched Afghanistan strategy resulted in the death of 13 American service members, and the abandonment of many others. Cowardice resulted in the Taliban flag flying over the former U.S. embassy in Kabul.  

Vice President Harris’ border project has been a complete failure. Each month, hundreds of thousands of people illegally cross the southern border. The administration turns a blind eye while unaccompanied children and infants are left alone to survive at the border.  

Biden’s spending proposals will continue to raise American inflation. Deficit spending and looming Delta variant lockdowns will damage the economy. Flip-flopping COVID-19 policies and harsh vaccine policies are increasing national distrust of the Biden administration.  

President Biden’s self-inflicted crises have impacted his approval ratings in some of his most important states across the country. In a Gallup survey, the president’s national approval rating has decreased by 6 percentage points to 43 percent.  

State polls, like the Detroit Regional Chamber found the Biden’s approval rating as low as 39 percent in Michigan, and in New Hampshire, the president’s approval rating sits at 46 percent. This trend is spreading across the country, especially in states where Democratic candidates are somewhat moderate. In Iowa, President Biden’s approval rating has dropped 10 percent since June, and now sits at 31 percent.  

President Biden cannot fake it any longer. After eight months in office, it is time to confront the issues he has been putting aside. American cannot wait for the president to step up any longer.  

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