Luna Talks with Anna Paulina – Episode 31: Project Veritas Under Fire: Covid 19, Journalism, & their new bombshell video with James O’Keefe

By now everyone’s heard about AOC’s Tax the Rich Met Gala dress. Well, who says liberals get to have all the fun? For this podcast, Anna unveils the Antithesis Gown — and hears from its designer. Her guest is the one and only Andre Soriano, an amazing fashion designer who made headlines a few years ago for designing a pro-Trump dress The media, Hollywood, and government have become one in the same, orchestrating an effort to push an agenda on the American people. And Big Tech is silencing the critics, labeling any opposition as “misinformation.” For this podcast, Anna explains why COVID-19 vaccine mandates mark the latest chapter in this epic struggle between the American people and the powers that be. So many people have questions and concerns about the vaccine. They deserve answers, not lectures. Information, not censorship. Truth, not dishonesty. And God-given freedom, not tyranny. On this episode, Anna gives the American people what they deserve in a can’t-miss conversation with Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. James and Anna discuss Project Veritas’ latest bombshell investigation into the COVID-19 vaccine — and the efforts of Big Tech to prevent you from seeing it.

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