Newt Gingrich Audio Update: Omaha vs. Washington – Hope vs. Fear

The opportunity to visit with the people of Nebraska in America’s Heartland provided me a great perspective. The positive attitudes and the sense of hope here is totally opposite to the environment of fear reported by news media and the bureaucracy of Washington, DC.

Callista and I traveled this weekend to Omaha for an opportunity to speak with the folks at Cync Health System. We also met with Pete Ricketts and several residents, including some Iowans. Nebraska has the lowest unemployment of any state in the country. But, like many states, it is struggling to find workers to fill open positions. What is astonishing is speaking with people and getting a sense of hope for the future, which I explore in my latest book: Beyond Biden.  You can’t find this sense of positivity in Washington DC, New York, or California because the news media won’t let you. It has given Callista and me an incredible feeling of the true spirit of our great country.


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