$3.5 Trillion Budget Bill Gives Hundreds of Billions to Nanny State Education Programs

$3.5 trillion big government socialist bill would spend hundreds of billions on nanny state education.

Congress will vote on the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill later this fall. If passed, the plan would allocate $761 billion to education and workforce programs. The American Families Plan earmarks $450 billion for universal preschool and childcare. This proposal would bring up the cost of preschool, and is unlikely to benefit participating children. The Biden spending plan allows families to send their children to government-approved child care centers. This ensures that families earning twice the median income level pay no more than 7 percent of their income for child care.   

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden’s budget reconciliation package has $82 billion to modernize school infrastructure. Only 5 percent of American Rescue Plan funds are to be spent in 2021, which means that $180 billion remains unused through 2028. Included in the House bill is $111 billion for “free” community college, $9 billion for grants that aid with student retention and completion. The community college proposal is a federal-state matching grant. This pulls money away from states that need to invest in more critical public services.  

To read more about the $3.5 trillion bill and nanny state education visit www.dailysignal.com 

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