Newt Gingrich on Hannity | September 15, 2021

Newt discusses the dangers of Joe Biden and the radical left’s agenda regarding COVID-19, government spending, and open borders.


Newt Gingrich
September 15, 2021


Look, you know, Ronald Reagan used to say, he was not frightened by what liberals did not know. He was frightened by what liberals knew that was not true. And that is what you’re saying. You are seeing the cumulative come together of every single liberal idea or radical idea, socialist idea, that they don’t work. So, for example, in Bernie Sanders new $3.5 trillion big government socialist bill. There’s $105 billion set aside for illegal immigration, if you are setting $105 billion aside to help illegal immigrants. What is your signal to request why don’t you come to America? Our border is open. We are not even going to test you for COVID. Unlike American citizens who, of course took face a presidential mandate. Unless they have gone to a union in which case the unions are simply blackmailing Biden into think it is okay. The postal workers don’t need to get it, the NBA players don’t need to get it. As long as you are in a union. You are okay. I think what you’re seeing happen is in the end, as Margaret Thatcher tried to teach us socialism does not work because you run out of the other people’s money, and nothing left to spend. So, you have a whole system out there. Why don’t we release murderous? Oh, the murder rate goes up. That is a big shock. I talked to somebody today who talked about moving out of their state because of the level of violence.

That is a direct result of left-wing policies that favor criminals over the innocent. Oh, why don’t we tell the Russians, you get to build a pipeline and then we tell the Americans, you don’t get to build a pipeline. And we don’t have any idea what that means. I think, it is not that Biden is stupid. It is that Biden and the team around him are living in a left-wing world that it does not have any relationship to reality. The Taliban’s really going to be our friend. You know how nuts you have to be to believe that? That is sort of that message from the commander of the central command. We wonder why we did not win? We have people at the military level, a three or four star general who is that screwed up? Milley, we will have to wait and see if it is true. But if in fact, the chairman of the joint chiefs is calling the Chinese get that is very close to treason not absolute treason. It is certainly an unconstitutional violation. Yet today Biden says oh I have complete faith in Milley. Now how are you going to have faith in Milley after the way Afghanistan fell apart? It is amazing to me. I think what you have is Biden is dedicated to doing what he believes in. He does not care about the facts. And he is intending to go straight forward, no matter what it costs the average American.

One last point print 76% of the American people according to Scott Rasmussen this morning, three out of four believe their taxes are already too high. Now how do the Democrats passed a $3 trillion tax increase when three out of the four people they represent think taxes are already too high? How do they pass a socialist bill when only 16% of the country favors big government socialism? You have the Democrats over here and some fantasyland and you the cold rest of the country over here frustrated because they can’t beat them until November of next year.


My dad served 27 years in the infantry. He would be so ashamed that an American general would preside over abandoning Americans while talking secretly with our enemies outside the Constitution. This is not the America that he thought he was depending. We need to take it back so we can get beyond Biden. That’s what this is all about.

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