Biden’s Border Crisis: More Than 8,000 Migrants Wait under Texas Bridge

This week Biden’s border crisis worsened as 8,000 migrants wait under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. As U.S. border patrol’s resources dwindle, America is becoming less safe. 

Thousands of migrants who have flooded into the United States stand waiting under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Migrants, (predominantly from Haiti) reached a total for 4,000 on Sept. 15. By Sept. 16, that number totaled over 8,000.  

United States Border Patrol is completely overwhelmed. On Sept. 15, Customs and Boarder Protection announced that there were 208,887 migrant encounters in August including 18,847 unaccompanied children, and 212,00 in July of 2021.  

In an interview on Fox, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said that the Biden administration cannot ignore this issue any longer. According to Judd, Customs and Border Patrol is so short on resources that it is forced to pull resources from other sectors as well as resources from the Northern border, in turn, destabilizing other areas of the United States in order to confront the U.S Mexico border.  

The Biden administration cannot turn the other way any longer. Each day, babies and small children are left at the border in hopes of being found by American authorities all the while, unvaccinated people and violent criminals flood into the country.  

Click here to watch the full interview with National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd.  

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