The Truth with Lisa Boothe – Episode 29: Australia’s COVID Dystopia with Avi Yemini

Leaders in America have used COVID-19 to wield power in unprecedented ways. They’ve prevented Americans from going to church, from going to school, from running their business and making a living. This is authoritarianism, plain and simple. But it’s nothing compared to the COVID-19 tyranny that the people of Australia have suffered. For this podcast, Lisa exposes the dystopian hell that our friends down under are being forced to endure during the pandemic. Australians have been physically blocked from leaving their homes. Travel is effectively banned. And the government has built quarantine facilities that can only be described as internment camps. If you think such tyranny can’t come to America, think again. To discuss all this and more, Lisa sits down with the very insightful and always provocative journalist Avi Yemini, the Australia bureau chief for Rebel News.

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