Newt’s World – Episode 305: Newt Answers Your Questions

There are so many issues facing America today, and Newt answers your questions.

Newt is joined by members of his Inner Circle membership club and he answers their questions about the $3 trillion dollar tax increase, Afghanistan, the Biden Administration’s new vaccine mandates, and what he remembers most about when he was Speaker, in a town hall style meeting.  Become a member of Newt’s Inner Circle today at

Free Market Capitalism vs. Big Government Socialism

Why Americans Favor Free Market Capitalism Over Big Government Socialism

The Republican Opportunity

Afghanistan Withdrawal

Time to Hold Our Leaders Accountable for Afghanistan Fiasco

Newt’s World – Episode 304: Gen. Joseph Arbuckle on Afghanistan

$3 Trillion Tax Increase

Newt Gingrich Audio Update: What is in Democrats’ $3 Trillion Plan for New Taxes?

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