Newt Gingrich on Watters’ World | September 11, 2021

Newt shares why this is the start of a failed presidency for Joe Biden thanks to his actions in Afghanistan, vaccine mandates, and more.


Newt Gingrich
Watters’ World
September 11, 2021


I think beyond doubt what you have is a president who I think Ted Cruz captured when he said he has the radicalism of George McGovern and incompetence of Jimmy Carter wrapped into one. The Daily Mail ran a headline that says Biden declares war on 80 million Americans. I thought that captured it. This is truly insane. That’s every fourth American. How do you go out as a president of the United States, deliberately divide your country, condemn your own people. He says nice things about the Taliban, they are efficient, they are courteous, they are getting the job done, we can rely on them. Then he attacks Americans. Which on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is sort of the opposite of what you would expect. You would think he would be anti-Taliban and pro American. I think he’s in trouble. I don’t know if there is any easy way to get out of it because the world is closing in on him.


I think that’s part of the strategy. They face the reality that they had about as many COVID cases in a year where they had vaccines as trump did in an entire year where he did not have any vaccines. So, they have not made any progress that Biden promised us in the campaign. I think they are enormously frustrated. But I think it goes deeper than that. You have to recognize that Biden really resents the American people. He resents their Independence. He resents their concern about the border which they are not supposed to talk about. And he resents their anger over Afghanistan which we’re supposed to forget. Every time he turns around, he feels snubbed and betrayed. He thought everybody would love him and he would be Uncle Joe it would all work. That’s not what’s going on. I think they are about to face in congress a real crisis. Because they have a big government socialist bill of $3.5 trillion. They just had the second bad month in a row of producer price inflation. More than 2/3 of all Americans think it’s crazy to increase spending at a time of inflation. It just drives prices up. I will be curious to see the Democrats come back from this district period. And what they heard from home. Because I think a lot of it is very negative.


Look remember he’s totally hypocritical. They said the 640,000 members of the postal unions don’t have to be vaccinated. Explain why that makes any sense? These are people who go around to the entire country. They don’t have to be vaccinated. And of course, the illegal immigrants don’t have to be vaccinated. The people coming out of Afghanistan don’t have to be vaccinated. But if you are a normal every day American Joe Biden is coming for you. That won’t work in a free society, that means we’ll come for Joe Biden.

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