Newt Gingrich Audio Update: Higher Prices + More Government Spending + Tax Hikes = Bidenflation

Hats off to Rep. Kevin Brady for coming up with the best to term to describe Biden’s failed economic plan – Bidenflation. 

Rep. Kevin Brady’s coining the phase ‘Bidenflation’ to describe exactly what we’re Republican Rep. Kevin Brady (TX-8) coined the phrase “Bidenflation” to describe exactly what we’re experiencing in our economy now, and it is brilliant.

Biden’s disastrous approach of increasing government spending, putting more money into the marketplace, forcing industries to raise prices (when we are in a supply shortage), adopting stricter regulations (and labor mandates), and raising taxes on working families will be horrible for America. So, expect the term “Bidenflation” to become more mainstream as our economy gets worse. 


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