Newt Gingrich on the Ingraham Angle | September 9, 2021

Newt discusses President Biden’s recent COVID-19 vaccine requirements and why it is setting up Democrats to fail.


Newt Gingrich
The Ingraham Angle
September 9, 2021


I think that big government socialism got an enormous hit against it today and I think people in Washington don’t realize what a disaster today is. It’s 20 or 30 times the disaster of Afghanistan. The Daily Mail had a headline that said, “Biden declares war on 80 million Americans,” and I think people just haven’t thought about this. You have a president who thinks he has the right to dictate to everybody whatever his opinion is without congress passing a law, without any checks and balances and I think that is going to rip this country apart. Because if he can do it on this issue, how many other things can he instruct businesses about? How many other things can he reach into your life? Ironically, Kamala Harris said it’s my body, my choice, she of course was referring to abortion. If it’s my body, my choice, how come it’s now Joe Biden’s body and it’s his choice? This is going to roil all the Democrats back home in the next week, going to have person after person coming up to them saying is the president just crazy? How can he possibly dictate to us and as you pointed out, not only is he dictating to us, he’s cutting deals with the unions to exempt them. I think as this comes out, the chances of this big government socialist bill passing goes down and down. I don’t think Manchin is necessarily going to melt and frankly Cinema is going to join him. You may see other Democrats joining him, parts of this bill the effect farming, that destroy family farms because of the estate tax changes and I think you’re going to see a number of Democrats in places like Montana and New Mexico who say I can’t be for this. I will be very surprised if it passes.


At a time when they’ve got to pass the debt ceiling, have got to pass the continuing resolution to keep the government open, they have to ask members to walk a lot of planks. Pelosi has run a dictatorship with great effectiveness but I have a hunch it’s breaking down and I have a hunch that this coming week between the people who are mad about Afghanistan, the people who are mad about what’s happening with Biden’s dictatorial power grab on deciding you will get a vaccination because Joe Biden decided and people who are mad about the tax increases, I think it’s very hard to imagine how they are going to come back and get it to the house or the senate, just because eventually the pressure from the American people breaks the will of members of congress.

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