Todd Graves, Chairman of the Herzog Foundation, Reports That Children in Christian Schools Fared Better Than Children in Public Schools

The time is now: Why sending your children to Christian schools is the best decision for their academic success.

According to a recent Herzog Foundation survey, parents of children attending Christian schools were more impressed with their children’s school experience than those who had children in public schools.  A quarter of Christian school parents reported that their children’s schools never closed, where only 8 percent of public-school parents could report the same.  

Graves notes that “while just over half of public-school parents reported being satisfied with their child’s education in 2020, fully 80 percent of Christian school parents were.” This satisfaction comes from being able to better manage their child’s schedule, schoolwork, communication with teachers, and upholding morale, according to Graves.  

Over the course of the pandemic, we have seen public school unions pressuring school officials to keep kids out of classrooms, and in some instances going so far as to sue the mayor or the school board. Graves believes that if parents across the country are questioning whether to make the change from public schools to private Christian schools, there is no better time than the present to take the leap.  

To read more about the impact harsh and restrictive COVID-19 policies had on children attending public schools, read Graves’ article at the Herzog Foundation 

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