Biden “Trusted the Enemy” says U.S. Army Mother

America’s parents are grieving. While the Biden team hides, parents of fallen soldiers beg for Biden to be held accountable.   

On Sept. 1, Paula Knauss, mother of fallen solider Staff Sgt. Ryan Knauss, appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss Kabul and the accountability of our leaders.   

In her interview, Paula Knauss asked for the President to take accountability for his actions. She said, “In all of our history, in all of the time that we have been fighting, where did you leave these men and women but at one airport, one location, one gate to funnel thousands through? And who did you trust? You trusted our enemy to allow who would come through.” She continued by saying “No one has to have a military background to know that that was not going to go down well.” 

She continued, “There should have been a better way of helping our armed branches get those people who are American out safely, and still lose no man or woman in uniform or in Afghanistan.” Knauss said “It should never have happened the way it did. Who is accountable for this? Who will stand up and say that they will be accountable for the death of 13 young men and women?”  

It is time to hold President Biden accountable. Paula Knauss ended her conversation asking, “If Mr. Biden would like to tell me how I can sleep better at night right now, or any American can, while he is serving in the administration, please, give me a call.”  

Paula Knauss’ sentiments are the same shared by Americans across the nation. President Biden must be held accountable for his failures in Afghanistan.  

To watch the whole interview on “The Ingraham Angle” visit Fox News 

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