Dr. Marty Makary Believes Blanket Vaccine Mandates Go Too Far

Dr. Marty Makary explains what public health officials should be doing — and examines what they are doing wrong. 

In an informative op-ed in U.S. News, Dr. Marty Makary explained his hesitancy towards implementing blanket vaccine mandates. He said vaccinating the public it is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  

Moreover, Dr. Makary said that we should be looking at the situation at hand from the point of view of immune vs. non-immune rather than vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated. He also pointed out that the risk of dying from COVID-19 is not equally distributed across age groups.  

In terms of natural immunity, an Israeli study found that those who have contracted the virus develop antibodies that surface the entire virus rather than the vaccines which only create a spike protein.  

Moreover, this study revealed that those with natural immunity have a 6.7 times greater level of protection against the virus than those who receive the vaccination. It is counterintuitive to vaccinate individuals with natural immunity, and there is no clinical outcome data to support doing it.   

Dr. Makary is not against vaccinations. He said that we should be examining cases of adverse reactions, relying on science, and informing the public with transparency. The hostility and political infighting that has been produced as a byproduct of vaccine hysteria is only making the situation worse.  

To read Dr. Makary’s full article continue on to U.S. News. 

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