Newt Gingrich on Watters’ World | August 7, 2021

Newt talks about how Joe Biden is the next Jimmy Carter in terms of disastrous policies and why a vaccine passport is so unpopular.


Newt Gingrich
Watters’ World
August 7, 2021


I think the problems are going to be so big by the time of the election next year that the country will turn to the Republicans. And I think on the House side, Kevin McCarthy clearly has a strategy. It worked last time, he gained seats when people thought he would lose seats. But he gained them by recruiting the right people competing with positive ideas. This is going to be a mess. When you realize how many people are coming in. Basically, the Biden administration is importing the city every month of illegal immigrants. In the month of July, they imported the equivalent of the city of Birmingham, Alabama. That’s how many people came in. And they are going all over the country. And we have no idea where they are going. This kind of thing can’t go on very long. We have rising crime rates in our biggest cities. Rising to a rate that gets you back to the 1970s when we thought crime was terrible. I think you have spending spree under way that will bring massive inflation. You take all those pieces and put them together and you have sort of Jimmy Carter times 20. I think by next summer this will be a disaster, and the Democrats will be seen as the party that is incapable of solving any of these problems.


You do a great show, and you are often very funny. You may be the funniest person on Fox. But you have a great sense of humor. And I think asking the question, does Joe Biden get it is one of the funniest things you said this year. How could you watch him for five minutes and have any belief that he gets anything? I said the other day I waiver between Fauci and Biden and whose cognitive ability I worry about the most. Both of them frankly are only partially in touch with the real world. President Biden I think gets almost nothing anymore. Frankly even when he was a senator he didn’t get much. People tend to forget; he was not a brilliant intellectual. He wasn’t the John F. Kennedy of his generation.


You have already seen it with the postal unions which have just said no. Even the French are having riots over the idea of this vaccine passport. And America has a very deep tradition of actually being in favor of individual liberty. The idea that the government is going to come in and insist that the last 15 or 20% get vaccinated I think is an example of tyranny. I think it’s outrageous. And I believe. I have been vaccinated twice. I think that — I think it’s a smart thing to get vaccinated because even if you get the newest variant, you seem to get not nearly as sick. So, from that standpoint it’s coming. But I will defend permanently the right of other Americans to say no. I am sick of watching these petty tyrants, whether they are mayors or governors or the president of the United States, who by the way issue orders, then you see them violate their own rules. So, you are supposed to wear a mask inside, but the mayor of Washington doesn’t, or the mayor of Chicago doesn’t. Because after all they’re an Aristocracy, they don’t have to behave like the commoners. That is absolutely unacceptable in America. And we ought to all rise as a country and say that. Just say no. A good friends of mine who is actually very reasonable. I was shocked when she said to me, she lives in Montgomery County, she said if they come back with masks, I am not wearing one and they can put me in jail. I’m sick of being told by these guys who interfere with my life, who don’t know what they’re talking about and keep changing their rules.


He understood where the left wing of his party is and where the pressure points were. But think about this you have a guest list of 600. Now you are going to cut it to 50. How would you feel if you were one of the 550 who received the note that said I really love you, but you can’t come to my party.


I’ll bet AOC wasn’t invited and that’s why it blew up.

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