Newt Gingrich on Fox News Primetime | August 4, 2021

Newt discusses why he believes now is the time for Dr. Fauci to retire following his handling of COVID-19 pandemic.


Newt Gingrich
Fox News Primetime
August 4, 2021


I did a newsletter at Gingrich 360 last week saying it was time for Dr. Fauci to retire. If you go back, he wrote a scientific article in 2012 which I referenced in my newsletter in which he laid out the exact case for why he should retire. He said at the time that we should not do any kind of pandemic research without a national public debate. It has to be totally transparent and in that kind of debate scientists less important than the public at large because their expertise doesn’t deal with the moral question of dealing with the pandemic. It you read it, a very short article, two pages you read it, you realize this is a recipe for why Fauci should retire. Furthermore, he gave hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. Taxpayer money, our money, to the Chinese knowing it was going to the Wuhan lab for the purpose of studying these kind of bat related viruses they had no real controls, no real knowledge of what the Chinese were doing. Had no rights to acquire the research documentation and when the crisis came the Chinese closed him down. He helped fund the research that led to a pandemic which I think has been an artificial man-made disaster on a worldwide basis for which we still have no really good answers. So I think Fauci should go home to relax, rest, and what he said was basically a mathematical model, if next week we had the zygote variant and it was 85% effective in killing people and spread with extraordinary speed, that would be really bad. Yes. That’s true. If that was a “Star Trek” episode or something else that would make sense. For a scientist who used to be important, and I used to work with Fauci, I think Fauci at one time was one of the most important scientists in the world and I’m watching his decay. I mean people worry about President Biden, I worry about Fauci in terms of his cognitive impairment much more than I worry about President Biden.


Look, you are the personification of why America is such an irrepressible and I think impossible to control country. There are dozens and dozens of bright young investigative reporters out there. There are going to be books that come out. There is going to be information. There is an Australian woman reporter who has just written a book out in September that’s devastating. I am confident and this goes back to the founding of America, I’m confident that despite the best efforts of King George and the best efforts of the most powerful empire in the world they can’t suppress us. I’m confident that Fauci and Gates and Soros and all of the oligarchs combined plus their minions in the media and in the unions and in the bureaucracy in the end they’re all going to lose, and the American people are going to win once again because that’s the nature of America.

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