Newt Gingrich on Mornings with Maria | August 4, 2021

Newt discusses with Maria the ongoing crisis at the border and how out of touch the left is with the American people they claim to represent.


Newt Gingrich
Mornings with Maria
August 4, 2021


Before I comment on the border, I just want to say I thought the interview you just did with Jamie Dimon was fabulous, and I admired you just hanging in there and not giving an inch. I thought it was a brilliant, brilliant interview, I commend you for, I think good for the country to hear that dialog. Well the Biden administration, is tolerating a city a month, we’re getting a new city every month I was trying to think of city of 210,000 as an example. So imagine you have a government tolerating 210,000 people who are illegal coming into U.S, they may have COVID, they may belong to a criminal gang, we have no idea who they are, and then what I think is even more outrageous, they shipped off, one of the things I don’t understand why House, Senate members, have not demanded to know where are they going, what cities are they being sent to. I mean you may have people who have COVID, in middle of all of this effort to get American citizens to do the right thing, you have people who are illegally here with COVID showing up at local greyhound station showing up at local airport, and we have no idea where they are being sent to. It is the most bizarre moment, in American history. And you can tell how desperate the left is to have illegal immigration when Texas stepped in correctly and the governor did exactly right thing Texas said if you won’t control our border we will. The Biden administration didn’t say oh, thank you. They promptly filed a lawsuit, to block Texas from doing a job which the federal government refuses to do and I think it tells you the left is desperate to maximize the number of people who come to United States illegally. It is a bizarre moment in American history, and a dangerous moment.


They don’t come all the way across Mexico for purpose of visiting two days they want to be in America, and I think what is hard for most of us to accept, is that the anti-American left would love to drown traditional classic Americans with as many people that know nothing of American history, nothing of tradition, nothing of rule of law. You look at the radical left to get rid of the rest of us because we believe in George Washington or we believe in the Constitution, and you see this behavior over and over again. In fact, as an example of breaking the law- this whole effort by the Biden administration, to kowtow to the left, on the question of evictions when the court has already ruled that you can’t do it by executive order they are corrupting the Center for Disease Control, issuing rules they have been told are illegal because on left there is no law. That’s why you see a huge rise in crime where why you see left wing district attorneys, like — in San Francisco, who openly say if a guy happens to commit armed robbery maybe he felt bad. Maybe he had a drug problem. We really shouldn’t judge him, we see a huge rise in crime because you have an administration, which is itself believes law doesn’t matter and the border is an example people should be up in arms, across the country I think first place to start that, is to demand to know where are they sending all these people, what towns are they going to, what is happening to them when they get off the plane, or get off the bus or get off the train. The truth is, we don’t know. You are talking about well over a million people a year now coming into the U.S. including criminal gangs, including people with COVID with no real controls.


Look, never underestimate how much the left hates small business. It isn’t organized, it doesn’t belong to unions, tends to vote Republicans, believes in work ethic. Whether it is Newsom in California or de Blasio New York City the bias of the left against small businesses, against restaurants, you know, the rules they adopt you can imagine sitting around mayor’s office have no business experience, have never done anything in their life except be agitators. I have a great idea, well you go out talk to people who are business owners and they will tell you that great idea is going to bankrupt them then you have final reality that people I think in de Blasio’s case he is just crazy, we happen to have the mayor of our biggest city who is out of touch.

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