Newt’s World – Episode 281: Where are the Big City Reformers?

Newt looks at the long American tradition of cleaning things up – a willingness for honest citizens to come together to take on the machine, take on corruption and force dramatic change. With crime increasing, inadequate educational systems, and corruption, many American cities need reform. But where are the big city reformers today?

Books Mentioned:

The Shame of the Cities
The Shame of the Cities

Movies Mentioned:

Walking Tall
Walking Tall


Municipal Administration: The New York Police Force – Theodore Roosevelt – September 1897

La Follette’s Autobiography: A Personal Narrative of Political Experiences, by Robert M. La Follette – Library of Congress

Hiram Johnson – First Inaugural Address (January 3, 1911)

Hiram Johnson Stumped the State in Automobile Prompt at Every Date – Sausalito News (November 19, 1910)

Robert La Follette – National Governors Association

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