Newt’s World – Episode 274: Allen Guelzo on July 4, 1776

Historian Allen C. Guelzo joins Newt to talk about how the founders struggled towards Independence from Great Britain in the years leading up to July 4, 1776.  Guelzo describes the significance of the holiday and what a critical role General George Washington played in establishing our independence.

Guest: Allen Guelzo

Allen Guelzo
Allen Guelzo
Robert E. Lee: A Life
Robert E. Lee: A Life

Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson Weather Journal

July, 1776 – January, 1777

Founding Fathers’ Letters

From John Adams to Abigail Adams (July 5, 1777)

From Thomas Jefferson to Henry Lee (May 8, 1825)

Independence Day During the Civil War

Celebrating Independence Day During the Civil War – The City of Boston

Becoming a National Holiday

An Act Making the First Day of January, the Twenty Fifth Day of December, the Fourth Day of July, and Thanksgiving Day Holidays – June 28, 1870

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