Newt’s World – Episode 267: Cyberattacks and our National Security

The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack by hackers in April sent shockwaves through U.S. national security circles.  What do we need to know about cybercrime and how to prevent it?  Newt’s guest is Chris Gore, CEO of D4C Global, a counterintelligence firm based in Virginia. This interview was recorded in September 2019.

Guest: Chris Gore

Chris Gore
Chris Gore

5 Essential Steps To Protect Yourself From Hackers And Online Criminals

Huawei Suspended From Global Forum Aimed At Combating Cybersecurity Breaches

Report Of The U.S. Senate Select Committee On Intelligence On Russian Active Measures Campaigns And Interference

NATO: Attack Like WannaCry Could Prompt “Collective Defense Commitment”

11 Eye Opening Cyber Security Statistics for 2019

The Sony Pictures Hack, Explained

Hackers Hit Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey in a ‘SIM Swap.’ You’re at Risk, Too.

U.S. Plane In China After It Collides With Chinese Jet

Counterfeit Air Power: Meet China’s Copycat Air Force

How much has the US lost from China’s IP theft?

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