Newt Gingrich Audio Update: President Joe Biden, The Wingless President

Even President Jimmy Carter didn’t have to cope with the absence of chicken wings. If a chicken wings shortage continues into the fall (football season), you’ll know what a crisis politics is all about.

My earlier thoughts about similarities between President Joe Biden’s and President Jimmy Carter’s inflation problems were outdone by an article on Fox Business about surging prices of chicken wings.   Could you think about this?  Even Carter didn’t have to cope with the absence of chicken wings. I think now it’s getting to be real and personal. This will hit home for folks, particularly if this crisis of chicken wings goes into the fall when there you are ready to watch football, and you reach out for that bucket of wings, and you learn there are no chicken wings, no Buffalo wings, no spicy wings, no grilled wings, no wings at all. And President Biden may not be able to explain the absence of chicken wings. Then you’ll know what crisis politics is all about.

How would you like to be known as the wingless president?

– Newt

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