Newt Gingrich on the Ingraham Angle | May 18, 2021

Newt discusses the Biden administration’s many shortcomings so far and how bureaucracy is controlling and worsening the country.


Newt Gingrich
The Ingraham Angle
May 18, 2021

Well, it may have been. I think the left, the bureaucrats, the political structure loves the idea of power for any excuse any time. But I’m really stuck with where we are right now. First of all, because a famous Marxist historian economist wrote in 1990 in a very revealing article that with Marxism having failed in the Soviet Union, the last refuge of gaining power over people was going to be global warming. And so he literally laid out in the entire article on the degree to which this is a political, not a scientific problem. And it’s an excuse to take control of people. In addition, I would point out that Obama’s leading scientist on the topic just came out with a brand-new book and said hey, it’s not nearly as dangerous as you think it is. It’s not a big a problem as — this is Obama, this is not Trump, not George W. Bush. But the climate scientist that Obama replied upon is now gone back, looked at the evidence, and said it simply not true.
It’s kind of weird. You have to wonder about these bureaucrats and what time of limited lives they lead. Because the fact is most Americans are not going to tolerate lockdowns that are theoretical and abstract. I watched the other day, when they went through a very brief period of running out of gasoline with the colonial pipeline hacking, people immediately, all sorts of people, referred back to Jimmy Carter and the gas lines of the late 1970s. And they were not in favor of it at all. So, if the Democrats want to become the party that’s going to lock you down for a theoretical argument, let them do it. And after the total disaster of 2022 and the further disaster of 2024, they will be gone. The average person is not going to accept utter total stupidity in the name of some theoretical belief system. It just won’t happen.
Of course, they would. Back way back in 1984, ambassador Gene Fitzpatrick gave a speech in which she said that the Democrats had become “Blame America first.” That’s now I think metastasized into a situation where you say routinely, if it helps America, Biden will oppose it. If it hurts America, Biden will be for it. And this is by any reasonable standard a crazy decision. Because it strengthens the Russians, it weakens us, it accomplishes nothing towards any goal that I can understand. But it fits frankly the John Kerry pattern of selling out to the Iranian dictatorship and the general pattern you’ve had on the left of appeasing China. And I think it’s a sign of how dangerous the next 3.5 years are going to be.

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