Newt Gingrich Audio Update: Colonial Pipeline Hack is an Act of War

The Colonial Pipeline hack should bother all of us. It is a threat to our national security which must be answered.

Last week, the Colonial Pipeline Company gave nearly $5 million to an Eastern European criminal group that hacked them. This should bother us. We should all be bothered that our government can’t protect our companies. We should all be bothered that there’s a real cyber war underway and terrible things could happen in a matter of seconds.  

There are some reports that the FBI believes that the attack was orchestrated by a Russia-based criminal group called Dark Side. These kinds of hacks are direct threats to our national security. They are acts of war that should be dealt with accordingly. We should make it clear that we will take back the money and that these criminals will serve a lifetime in prison if we can extradite them. Other people will learn from them, and if this group of criminals is allowed to get away with $5 million, our nation will be the target of even more hacking. We’re on the precipice of having our entire system and our entire civilization undermined.  

– Newt

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