Newt Gingrich on America’s Newsroom | April 28, 2021

Newt talks with the panel about President Biden’s address to Congress and the dangers his ideas present to the United States.


Newt Gingrich
America’s Newsroom
April 28, 2021

I think the most interesting thing about the speech tonight as a former speaker of the house sat through a number of these is they will only have 200 people. This is a room that holds almost 1,000 people and symbolic of kind of the Biden presidency. You are going to find out that he can’t deliver on these things. They aren’t going to get through the congress. And the real pressure won’t be about taxes. It will be about killing jobs. You have the kind of tax increases and regulatory increases that Biden is asking for you are going to crush this economy as it is just beginning to come out of the whole covid imposed recession. I think that’s when Americans will start saying wait a second, I’m not very comfortable. Secondly, he speaks with a huge increase in inflation coming down the road. Whether the price of gasoline or food or housing. We see really big signs of something we haven’t seen for a generation and that’s a combination of unemployment and a very high inflation rate. This will be an interesting speech. They have good speech writers. Biden will have practiced. It will come off all right. But in the end he is working down a road which Jimmy Carter tried and it’s a road that doesn’t work. That’s what you are going to see.
I don’t know how it works under a socialist system. Countries that have tried this collapse, look at Venezuela, look at Zimbabwe and Cuba. You go down a road where there are no incentives, no after-tax opportunity, there is no chance for people to have a better future and all of a sudden people decide why go to work? The government is going to take care of me. You are already seeing this. Restaurants are finding it very difficult to find workers because they look at what they are getting in unemployment and the various, now free childcare, free junior college, go down the list and you will find a significant number of people that say “that’s fine, I’m just not going to work.” I think creating a dependency culture is dangerous.
I do because ultimately what you get is a conversation among the American people, exactly what you two were doing a few minutes ago. People sit around the kitchen table, look at each other and in a practical real world sense how is this going to work? I think that cuts through all the news media, cuts through all the advertising and presently common sense does in fact matter, at least it has for 225 years in this country. The common sense will be that you will either be an opportunity society or a dependency society. I thought Senator Kennedy had it exactly right. I don’t think most Americans want to live in a dependency society.
Look at the disaster in Virginia where they have announced they eliminate advanced math because minorities don’t do as well or African-Americans don’t do as well and therefore the way you make sure everybody the equal is you literally take out all the courses that are hard. This is madness. If I were the Chinese communists, I would love watching American wokeness because it undermines the whole society. That’s why you have to say okay, what’s this free junior college going to be like? What will it teach? Can you get an undergraduate degree in wokeness or in critical race theory? Meanwhile the Chinese are getting degrees in engineering and science. I don’t think we understand how big the crisis is in our educational system. Certainly the party of the teachers union is not going to lead the effort to rethink and reform education. So Biden will preside over a four year decay of our capabilities to compete in the world.

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