Newt Gingrich Audio Update: Census Data Shows GOP Poised to Take House in 2022

Redistrict sees House Republicans gaining up to eight seats based on 2020 Census data. They only need to pick up five seats to win back the House in 2022. GOP in great position to retake majority. Kevin McCarthy poised to take the speakership from Pelosi. 

David Wasserman wrote a brilliant analysis for the Cook Political Report on the results of the 2020 Census, which will determine how many House seats each state will receive for the next decade. The census data shows Republicans, who only need to pick up five seats to win back the House in 2022, could gain up to eight seats based on redistricting. In other words, the GOP is in great position to retake the majority, and Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is poised to replace Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House. 

In addition, I think that President Biden’s speech before a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night is going to be important. I’m looking forward to seeing how many different things his administration admits to and look forward to talking to you more about it on Thursday at our special Inner Circle Newt Live event. 

– Newt

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