Privilege in America Lies with Far-Left Rioters

Everyone must be held accountable for their actions – except far-left rioters it seems.

A Flash Brief from the Gingrich 360 team: 

We are in an era of criminal accountability for everyone but far-left rioters. According to the Daily Signal, “the federal government has dropped nearly half of all cases against suspected Portland rioters.” As punishment for burning down buildings and looting, these violent protesters will get probation and community service instead of the expected jail time and fines.

It seems that the Biden administration thinks these citizens should have a clean record despite their serious criminal offenses. There’s no doubt there is privilege in America, but it’s definitely not white privilege, it’s far-left criminal privilege.

Read more about the Biden administration’s insane decision to clear violent criminals’ charges in Portland in Emily Zanotti’s piece “Biden Admin Clearing Remaining Federal Charges Against Portland Rioters, Most Get Probation, Community Service.”

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