Newt Gingrich on Mornings with Maria | April 21, 2021

Newt discusses recent anti-American comments from President Biden and Vice President Harris and the continuing violence in the country.


Newt Gingrich
Mornings with Maria
April 21, 2021

Well, look I think the whole thing is part of a pattern I had been actively looking last week at — Rashida who had come out and said she wanted to abolish police and abolish prisons. In Detroit, her district, she had a 23% increase in murders, 53% increase in nonfatal shootings. She wants to put a couple thousands of additional robbers, rapists, murderers on the street. Maxine Waters comes along after a long career back at least to 1992, condoning, encouraging coercion including about two years ago saying people should go into the restaurants, go into gas stations, basically hunt down Trump supporters, so she goes out of her way after a week of violence, to go to the center of the violence and say if we don’t have the rule of the mob, we ought to do whatever. We have to confront these people. And you are seeing the president and Maxine Waters, the replacement of the rule of law with rule of politicians. I think its very dangerous to go down this road, every Democrat who voted to support Maxine Waters, that is what they were doing voted to support her, voting to support somebody who had openly tried to supplant the rule of law and who had openly encouraged confrontation in the streets and in an area that already had days of violence. I think it is a very bad position for the Democrats to take.
I think first of all, they had a chance Biden and Harris to come out and say unlike Russia, unlike China, unlike Cuba, unlike Venezuela, in America the justice system worked, and we had an open trial. People could watch the trial, we are a country which in fact upholds the Constitution and upholds the rule of law. They could have said that most of the planet looks at this system, and marvels at the fact that we do pursue justice. Second, if I were the Chinese communist propagandists, I would go on vacation and rerun for the entire planet the President and Vice President of the United States condemning America. I mean this really does verge on pathology, that they hate their own country so much, that they give the world a totally false impression we don’t have a million coming legal another million illegally because this is a systematically racist country they are coming here for opportunity for rule of law for security for freedom, there is a lot of good things, that the president could have said, none of which were within vocabulary of his speechwriters who are all basically American a hitting left wingers.
It is pretty obvious, what is going on, Biden won the election hiding in the basement has now brought out all their left friends who hate America who desperately want to change America who are very frightened that Kevin McCarthy is going to be speaker after next election. And they believe they have a short time horizon. They are trying to impose the rule of politicians, instead of rule of law. It is extraordinarily dangerous for this country they are trying to impose, just take concept if we were in fact systemically racist how did the system convict a white policeman? It is a repudiation of their entire worldview to look at it and said the system worked a jury having sat through a trial, in public, on television, reached a decision, which certainly does not fit any — any narrative of systemic racism. In fact, it is the opposite. It is a tragedy for America a tragedy for people around the world that we have President Biden and Vice President Harris deeply committed to left wing anti-American language they can’t use this uplifting moment to say justice was done, the system does work. Americans can be proud of the fact unlike what is happening, for example, in Russia where the chief opponent to Putin is gradually being killed, look what is happening in China, Xi Jinping not about to go and say oh why don’t we have some fair open trials on TV? And yet — they hold up a mirror. Biden and Harris hold up a mirror decide I hate me, it’s really a pretty sad moment in American history.
Well, and then Vice President Harris, I mean it’s a little bit much to have the number two political figure in the United States explain her election has no meaning, Obama’s election no meaning. The fact is this is a country open to opportunity, do we have some remnants of racism sure, but compared to the problems of China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, I would rather live in the United States every day of the week, and I am very saddened that the president gives tools to our Chinese communist competitors so all they have to do is broadcast Biden around the world and Harris around the world Chinese communists continue have to do any work because Biden and Harris are doing it for them.

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