Newt Gingrich on Hannity | April 20, 2021

Newt talks with Sean about the madness in some of the policies Democrats are proposing such as ending policing and prisons.


Newt Gingrich
April 20, 2021


Well, there are two different things here. One is comments like Congresswoman Tlaib, who wants to dismantle the police and close all the prisons, putting hundreds of thousands of violent armed robbers, murderers, rapists back on the streets. It is a combination that is virtually insane. The other is what Maxine Waters did. I thought Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was exactly right today to move to strip her of her chairmanship — look, there is a big difference between the right of free speech, which everyone has, and the responsibility that a member of the Congress has under the Congress’ own rules. It is very clear that Maxine Waters, by going to a place that was already having riots and making the comments she did, is in essence saying she wanted to substitute the rule of politicians for the rule of law. She behaved in a way that I think absolutely deserves to have her lose her chairmanship, and every Democrat in the house voted in favor of defending Maxine Waters, voted against drawing a line in the sand. I think it is a vote that they will regret, because I think the country is pretty sick of this stuff, and they understand what is going on, and they realize, you know, these are people who are demagogues, they are liars, they are utterly irresponsible, but what’s more important, they are costing the lives of innocent Americans. They are undermining the ability of the police to function, and they are going to create a situation where our very civilization is a threat from forces that are I think extraordinarily destructive.


Look, I think it is very clear how it is going to end. You are going to have many Americans killed, many more Americans wounded, you’re going to have a situation, and this is all because of policy. This isn’t some random accident; it is not like a thunderstorm in the middle of the summer. You have people like Congresswoman Tlaib, Congresswoman Waters, for that matter, Nancy Pelosi herself. You have people whose policies getting Americans killed, and we need to have a straight up argument about this. These are terrible policies they are undermining belief in the police, 7-year-olds get killed driving through McDonald’s. Now that should tell you that the policy of the Democrats is an absolute, total disaster, in terms of protecting Americans, and that is what we are living through.

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