No Room for Satire as Suess Enterprises Joins the Left’s “Crusade”

The Babylon Bee’s comes under fire as the debate over their Dr. Seuss satire continues.

A Flash Brief from the Gingrich 360 team: 

Following recent controversies over several Dr. Seuss books and their “racial undertones,” the popular satire site The Babylon Bee poked fun at the situation. Their article “In New Dr. Seuss Book, Cat In The Hat Gives Kids Puberty Blockers While Their Mother Isn’t Home” has now been attacked by Seuss Enterprises as they seek to sue the Bee unless it is taken down.  

Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, shared the interaction with Seuss Enterprises on Twitter over the weekend. Dillon reemphasized that they would not be removing the article since satire is fair use and not classified as defamation. As cancel culture seeks to claim victims each day, The Babylon Bee does its best to find humor with such ridiculous situations, but even that could be stopped soon.  

Read more about this story at The Daily Wire. 

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