Newt Gingrich on Hannity | April 5, 2021

Newt gives his thoughts on the left-wing media’s attack on Republicans and President Biden’s history of dishonesty still at work today.


Newt Gingrich
April 5, 2021

Well look, I think you just have to accept that the news media, most of it is going to be on the left. They are going to be very vicious to Republicans. As DeSantis continues to emerge as one of the best governors in the country, he will get more of this treatment. But the American public is pretty smart, and they have seen through all of that. When Time had me as Scrooge with Tiny Tim’s broken crutch on the cover of Time, what that actually signaled to our voters was that Newt is for welfare reform. So, that part doesn’t bother me. I think the most troubling thing, and I am doing two podcasts at Gingrich 360, on Wednesday and on Thursday about this whole Georgia situation. The one on Thursday really grew out of research, and I’ve begun to realize that Joe Biden has a history, going back at least to the Bork nomination under Ronald Reagan of smearing, and lying, and going after people in vicious personal ways. Again, with Clarence Thomas in the Bush administration and now of course with his most recent thing, where when you are a liberal Democrat and “The Washington Post” gives you four Pinocchio’s because you lied so thoroughly and then two nights later, he goes on ESPN and he lies again. It is really an amazing story about sort of a lynch mob attitude trying to attack Georgia, when in fact the Georgia bill is more open, more reforms, longer voting hours. The things said about it is plain lies. For example, you wouldn’t be able to get people water. That’s just not true. The bill says that the poll officials can give you water, but you can’t have other campaigners do it.
I always described HR1 as the corrupt politician’s act. If you measure H.R. 1 against the Georgia bill, you will find that on every specific item, the American people favor the Georgia bill over HR1, because it is a power grab by left-wing Democrats that says we don’t have to know who you are. We don’t have to prove you have a right to vote. You could be an illegal immigrant. You can be somebody who has voted five times. We are willing to have people going to nursing homes, pick up all the ballots, and then they decide which ballots they are going to vote. HR1 is a nightmare of political corruption, dishonesty, and a stolen election.

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