Newt’s World – Episode 64: Cutting Through the Confusion – CARE Grants and Loans Explained

Newt discusses the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and how it benefits small businesses in America. The PPP is part of the new CARES Act, which strives to support small businesses across the United States during the COVID-19 health crisis. His guest is Elaine Parker, President, Job Creators Network Foundation.

Thank you to my guest, Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation.


About Elaine Parker, President & Chief Communications Officer, Job Creators Network Foundation

Elaine has more than 20 years of experience in the communications field. She started her career as a Public Relations Manager for Chrysler where she honed her skills and learned to expertly interact with the media and wider public.

As she learned the value of entrepreneurship and realized the amazing opportunity she has as an American to pursue her own dreams of success, Elaine became an independent communications consultant, specializing in areas including public policy advocacy, media strategies, and crisis communications.

While working as an independent consultant, Elaine worked with high-profile clients like 5-Hour Energy, but also spent time with small business owners. It was during this time that Elaine began to have a deeper appreciation for the vital role small businesses play in the American economy.

In her roles with the Job Creators Network and the Job Creators Network Foundation, she is a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio shows—including the Mike Gallagher Show and John Fredericks’ Radio Program—and is often seen on Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting.

Elaine advocates on behalf of the country’s

30 million small business owners. Her writings have appeared in, Washington Examiner, Los Angeles Daily News, RealClear Policy, Townhall, The Hill, The Orange County Register, and other national publications.

Elaine uses her experience to educate other people on some of the most important aspects of the American government and economy. Elaine manages the JCN media program and communications war-room, bus tours, marketing, as well as advertising and advocacy campaigns. In her role with the foundation, Elaine oversees their communication campaigns, as well as the Employer to Employee education program.

Today, Elaine continues to educate the American public about the vital role that small businesses play in our economy, while also advocating for policies that will allow entrepreneurs across the country to grow and thrive.

Elaine is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she studied business administration.


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