Newt Gingrich on Hannity | March 30, 2021

Newt discusses how the majority of Americans are wising up to the Democratic machine and why 90% of the country opposes their agenda.


Newt Gingrich
March 30, 2021


Well look, I think you are faced with a corrupt Democratic machine on everything it is doing right now, whether it is H.R.1, the corrupt politicians act, or this newest idea, which isn’t an infrastructure bill, it is a payoff to Democratic party allies bill. And you’ve got to go through all of the items because what they are doing is they are lumping everything together, ramming it through. No hearings. No amendments. No markups. And their goal is to frankly one, prop up their allies with money, particularly the teachers union. Two, to be able to put in the woke policies that are the left wing of their party, and they’ve got to get it done quickly because every day that goes by, we are closer to the 2022 elections when I think the majority of Americans are going to rise up. I will just give you one number that comes out of the H.R. 1 fight: 90%. Think about this: Senator Rick Scott of Florida released this today: 90% of the American people believe that elections should be limited to American citizens. Now, H.R.1 directly attacks that because it blocks the ability to verify who you are. 90% means whether you are Latino, Asian-American, African American, even if you are frankly a liberal Democrat, the odds are you believe it should only be American citizens who choose your government.


Yes. I believe that virtually all Republicans understand H.R.1 is not only corrupt politicians act, it is a desperate attempt by the Democrats to rig the election that the rest of our lifetime will resemble Chicago, New York, or California and the machine will own everything. I frankly believe that in West Virginia with Manchin, in Arizona with both senators, in New Hampshire, Nevada, I think there are a lot of Democrats beginning to really take the heat.


Well, I think it depends on what they mean by harder. If going back to a standing speaking filibuster is what they mean, that’s fine. I don’t think you can defeat 90% of the American people. That is what the Democrats are trying to do.

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