Newt Gingrich on Mornings with Maria | March 25, 2021

Newt talks about several issues including the corrupt HR1 bill, President Biden’s first press conference, and the border crisis.


Newt Gingrich
Mornings with Maria
March 25, 2021


I am going to watch with great interest at 1:15. First of all, I just hope Biden performs. I think he’s probably set up a pretty clever diversion by naming Vice President Harris being in charge of the border so if he wants to, he can take every single border immigration question say you know that is really Kamala’s job you ought to ask her later on, next question. So, we will see whether he wants to engage in that or whether he wants to divert it all to her. When you go a hundred days without a press conference, there are so many different topics: what does he think of Putin withdrawing the Russian ambassador? What does he think of the Chinese lecturing us aggressively for 20 minutes in Anchorage? What does he think about the whole issue of the rise of violence across the whole country? Where does he stand on the violence in Portland, for example? Or areas in Minneapolis now as violent as Portland? The whole range of things, then you get into the question of given the economic news you just had why pass more and more stimulus?You are in grave danger, as number of even liberal economists have pointed out, of beginning to really have inflation next year people start to see it in food prices, gasoline prices. Is he at all concerned that in fact you are putting more gasoline on the fire. You are going to have pretty big economic backlash. Larry Summers, who is a pretty liberal Democrat, has warned we are on the edge of stimulating real inflation.


I am not sure what get away with means, the country increasingly believes that this is a crisis. 92% of Hispanic Americans want every immigrant tested for COVID. 90% of all Americans want to see every immigrant tested for COVID. This administration is presiding over not a crisis but a disaster, and it is going to get worse because let’s be clear, somebody gets in the United States they pick up a cell phone call back home say “Hey, you ought to come, it’s a lot better than name the country.” I think 40 to 50 million people according to Gallup would like to come to the United States this year, so, if they are not careful Kamala Harris is going to be presiding over a total disaster and people will know it. This is not one of those things where you hide it. I said yesterday, if you don’t want to go build a wall you are going to build dormitories and the result is thousands and thousands of people particularly young teenagers put in huge facilities. 3,000 teenagers in Dallas alone at their convention center, they are now talking about 2,000 in San Diego, they are talking about taking over federal military property, talking about additional dormitories. This is going to be a rolling nightmare before very long, the longer you let it go the more word is getting out worldwide, the more people are showing up here illegally.


HR1 is a deliberate effort to create a corrupt politicians act. Every major item is opposed by a majority of American people when you go down the list. I just saw a poll in Arizona, for example, there are 75, 80% majorities against all the major provisions. The American people want an honest election, to identify who is voting, they want to make sure they are legally voting , and they want to make sure it is counted accurately. HR1 dissolves all of that, it creates a nightmare for everybody except the machine, and their hope is that the machine will be able to steal enough seats that they can survive 2022. Remember, the normal pattern for Democrats has been a disaster in the first term the off year election lost 54 seats with us in 94. Lost 63 seats with John Boehner in 2010. They’ve only got a very tiny margin in the House. If they don’t find some way to rig election, they are going to lose control and they are going to get Speaker McCarthy, in January of 2023. That’s a nightmare for Democrats. So, HR1 is a deliberate effort to create a corrupt political system on a nationwide basis. It also includes funding for campaigns which the American people overwhelmingly oppose, it overrides state law which the American people overwhelmingly oppose. It’s a real tough test case whether Democratic senators represent the machine, or represent the people back home. Because there is no way you can representative the people back home and vote yes on HR1.


Well Maria, they are the party of actors, they are acting. Remember Kamala Harris at one point said “Oh it was a campaign. Don’t you get it?” So, telling truth for them is irrelevance they are great students of Solivinsky, they are going to say what they want to say and they are going to hope we are dumb enough to believe it. This is the basic method; every major bill they’ve brought up has been a lie.

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