Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | March 24, 2021

Newt talks about President Biden’s crisis at the border, how COVID worsens it, and why it will cost the U.S. more than you might think.


Newt Gingrich
The Ingraham Angle
March 24, 2021


First of all, it is very clever of Biden on the eve of his press conference to turn it over to her so every question tomorrow about the border, he can say that’s Vice President Harris’ job and you need to talk to her about it, next question. In that sense, he manages to duck all responsibility for what is not a crisis but a disaster. It is getting worse. 92% of Hispanic-Americans want every person who comes into this country tested for COVID. 90%, overall, of all Americans, want them tested for COVID. There is no possibility that this administration will do that. I think what will happen is, Vice President Harris, who is a very good politician, will presently explain how wonderful things are, how really cool things are, no we won’t let media come down and say trust me it is okay. She will go on to something else. I think that her future is not dependent on what happens on the border. Her future is dependent on what happens in the White House with President Biden.


If you are not going to build the wall, you are going to build a heck of lot of dormitories. That is a very simple equation. They are presently going to drown in people who come north. And every time there is a TV story about this, more people come north. They are not all from Central America. We are finding people from Africa, from China, from India, from Turkey. There is a continuing wave coming to the U.S. This is essentially a peaceful invasion by a huge number of people. By this summer, this may be well over 1 million people. The Biden administration will not be able to handle it. This whole thing will fall apart. But what they will do is what they do all along. They will just lie.


Well, first of all, this is why support for testing for COVID is higher among Hispanics than other Americans. The first that will be effective is relatively poor people who will have infected people who have not been tested, have not been tracked, who have not had medical help showing up in their neighborhoods. You know, we go through all of these things at the airport, then we have a policy under Biden that allows people to come in here. Second, you are exactly right. The poorest Americans will have their wages suppressed by this competition, and third, every taxpayer is going to get hit. We will provide shelter, food, we will provide education. We will provide health care. We are taking on here billions and billions of dollars in additional costs.

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