Newt Gingrich on Mornings with Maria | March 19, 2021

Newt gives his thoughts on threats to the United States from China, Russia, and even the Democratic party and their dangerous ideas.


Newt Gingrich
Mornings with Maria
March 19, 2021


Of course, look, what you see right now is a machine that’s at work. The Democrats don’t have to hold hearings. Democratic members don’t have to read the bills. They’re told basically vote yes. And they unanimously vote yes, with one or at the most two exceptions, they vote yes. So, we’ve seen this on every single major bill and it’s a period where there’s less true legislation being done than any time I can remember and what you’re getting essentially is the Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer machine running things through any way they want to. And their members walk in like sheep, vote yes and go back to their offices and in a way it’s very efficient for the members. They don’t have to know anything. They don’t have to be able to answer anything. They just know they’re supposed to vote yes.


Let’s give him some credit. Biden ran for president by hiding in his basement. It worked, he’s in the White House. So if you think about it their model is the news media will roll over and play dead for anything they tell it to do. If they tell you it’s not a crisis, it’s a challenge, it’s not a crisis. The idea that you now have a Democratic administration which is basically keeping the news media blind, refusing to allow people to go to the border, refusing to answer questions and you have a White House presidential press secretary who combines sarcasm and just total dishonesty because she knows she is safe. She knows the New York Times and Washington Post and others will protect her. They just feed the American people malarky. That’s what they are doing. The truth is Gallup warned several years ago in the worldwide poll, they asked people: “Would you like to move to the U.S.?” 65 million people said they would like to come to the United States. Now if the Biden administration thinks they can be truly clever and send the signals and say don’t come right now, but you can come later, any smart person who hears that phrase decides I think I’ll come right now. If 24 do come right now the Biden administration lets them in.


Well, it was bold and blunt. I mean look, the Chinese began this meeting by cheating on the rules. Each side was supposed to have a two-minute opening statement. The Chinese had a 15-minute opening statement. That should have told you something about what’s coming down the road. I listened to an interview last night where somebody talked about the U.K. variant of COVID. Of course, if you talk about the Wuhan variant of COVID that would have been totally inappropriate. Because we’ve been brain washed to believe you can’t offend the Chinese. The Chinese are very much on offense. What should worry people is if the same weekend you have a tough American, Chinese meeting in Anchorage and you have Putin recalling the Russian ambassador to Washington and challenging Biden to a debate, you really have a situation where the second and third most powerful countries in the world are clearly moving against the United States and we have no clear strategy for dealing with the size of this threat. This is a huge long-term threat to our survival.


Well, look, the Democrats love New York and California. They’ve driven people out of both states with high taxes. Now they’re going to go after wherever they happen to live. They’re the party of high taxes. And I think that in the long run this is unsustainable. But for a year or year and-a-half, they’ll be able to get away with it and then much like Jimmy Carter it will all just start falling apart and I think Buttigieg is a small-town mayor who is quite happy to take your money.

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