Newt Gingrich Audio Update: Polling Data Show HR1 Should be Call “For the Corrupt Politician Act”

I’ve been looking at some polling data that John McLaughlin developed for Arizona. I’ve been reviewing the information related to the Harris-Biden-Pelosi-Schumer power grab bill, HR1. The findings in the data outline that we are shifting toward a conflict between the American people versus the corrupt Democrat politicians. For example, only 32 percent of Arizona voters say that they know that Nancy Pelosi and the national Democrats want to pass HR1, which includes a provision overriding the state’s existing election law. Sixty-seven percent of people polled didn’t even know the provision existed. The voters overwhelmingly disagree with it. So, I think when you go through this, you realize that with proper communication and education, people will realize that the so-called “For the People Act,” should be named the “For the Corrupt Politicians Act.” The Democrats are working desperately with of the news media to make sure details of their legislation remain hidden from the American people.  I will keep reporting back, and we’ll discuss further in our regular virtual town hall meetings, which are becoming increasingly important as big tech continues to work against our ability communicate openly.

– Newt

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