Newt Gingrich on Fox & Friends | March 11, 2021

Newt talks about the signal Joe Biden and radical Democrats are sending to the world with their outrageous immigration and cultural policies.


Newt Gingrich
Fox & Friends
March 11, 2021


I think you’re getting exactly what the policy suggests you’ll get. President Biden has sent a clear signal to the world that the United States is open for illegal immigration. Gallup once estimated there is 65 million people that would like to come to the United States. The numbers will keep going up, the system will become unsustainable by sometime probably this summer and we’ll be back where we were under President Obama. We’ll have tens of thousands of children wandering around, you’ll have the cartels getting paid and there are at least two cartels that have basically given up drugs for people, because they make more money moving people into the U.S. than they make moving drugs into the U.S. If you want to make sure that the American system breaks down, and that we are ultimately faced with so many people you can’t possibly manage it, this is a terrific strategy, but we shouldn’t be surprised. We are getting exactly what this kind of policy delivers.


Well, when you’re dealing with a president who forgets the name of his Secretary of Defense and forgets the name of the Pentagon, he could probably sit away forever. Why would any of this affect him? He will say oh, gee I guess that’s probably the problem, and I think that we really underestimate the degree to which he’s detached from reality and the degree to which people will later on look back and say gosh, there were terrible consequences, why didn’t we know better? Well, we did know better, but we adopted a policy deliberately that sends a signal, everywhere in the world, whether they’re watching Fox & Friends, whether they’re just talking to themself , people gossip, and they learn and everywhere in the world right now the signals out that the U.S. has a welcome mat, that President Biden would love for you to come stay, and the economic opportunities in America, despite everything, are still so much better than in most of the world. You can’t blame a father or a mother who wants their child to grow up here, rather than in poverty, but you can blame the American government for not being honest about the cost. This is going to be extraordinarily expensive and it’s going to shake I think the fabric of American society, and my guess is that in four years of the Harris-Biden administration you’re going to actually see enormous influx, probably in the neighborhood of six to 15 million people.


I really do think this is becoming the Harris-Biden administration and you can tell that every time you see him in public. Why would you think that he’s dramatically better in private than he is when he can’t take any questions in public? He can’t remember what he’s talking about. He can’t remember his own nominees. My assumption is that he’s a very minor force inside that building and that the White House is increasingly run by Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer, and these are hard line liberals. These are people that think that it’s fine that Walmart or rather, that a major drug store company is closing every single drug store in San Francisco because they will no longer prosecute petty theft and people have learned you can steal up to $950 and come back a couple hours later and steal another $950, so you literally are watching the collapse of what you and I thought of as civilization. That’s the world of Pelosi and Schumer and Harris, and they’re happy to give it to the rest of us.


Nobody has noticed it yet, but the House Democrats unanimously voted in the rules to eliminate mother, father, brother, sister, they took out 29 gender-specific names. When you look at these things you have to realize you’re dealing, for example, with a bill which is essentially the gay and transexual supremacy act which basically says you can practice your religion as long as you don’t offend anybody, but it’ll be illegal if you offend anybody, and I think we are seeing a tremendous assault on the whole notion of whether there are males and females. You had the president sign an executive order that allows transexual males to compete as though they’re females which we know guarantees the end of women’s sports, because if you grow up through your teenage years, males simply are going to win most of the contests. We’re in a period where the weirdest people, and I’ll get in trouble for saying it but I’m old enough that I grew up in a different world. I grew up in a world where we recognize there really were mother and father and we thought it was a good idea to have a mother and a father. We thought it was a good idea to recognize boys and girls. You know, in California, there’s a bill in the legislature that would make it illegal for a department store to have a boy’s section and a girl’s section. This is a madness, I recently did a podcast with Gad Saad, and he’s amazing because he says basically, we now have parasites in our brain that are cultural parasites, and that people just literally are crazy, and I think you’re seeing an example of the craziness.

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