Passage of COVID-19 Relief Bill is an Insult to Every American

The Senate passage of the $1.9 trillion political machine bailout money of which only 9 percent went to COVID relief is an astonishing insult to every American. The leadership of the Democratic Party has concluded that they will lose the election in 2022 for control of the House. So, they are in a sprint to pass as much radical legislation with political pork and money to their political allies as they can before they lose the House. But this is such a tremendously bad bill that I think it deserves to be studied in-depth. I have asked key players in both the House and Senate to pull together everything radical, destructive, corrupt about this bill so that it can be studied and explain in future podcasts and newsletters. Stay tuned and join my Inner Circle now with an extra $10 off while I’m locked out of Twitter.  We’ll detail this bill and the ongoing insane censorship during my virtual town hall event on Thursday.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you further.

– Newt

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