Newt’s World – Episode 209: Keeping the Swamp Swampier – For the People Act

H.R.1, also known as the “For the People Act”, passed the House this week with 220 Democrats and 0 Republicans voting for the bill.  The Act sends federal dollars to fund political campaigns, would legalize voting for convicted felons all over the country and would weaken the security of our elections and make it harder to protect against voter fraud.  Newt describes what’s in the Act in detail.

Campaign Funding

Rep. Omar’s Campaign Reportedly Funded 80 percent of Her Husband’s Consulting Firm – New York Post

For the People Act

Statement by President Joe Biden on the House of Representatives Passage of H.R. 1

H.R. 1: For the People Act 2021

The Truth Behind Democrats’ Election Bill, H.R. 1 – Kevin McCarthy

Save Democracy Act

H.R.322: Save Democracy Act

Save Democracy Act Summary