The Cuomo Scandal Proves #MeToo only Targets Republicans

A Flash Brief from the Gingrich 360 Team: 

As the self-proclaimed warriors of the #MeToo movement, Democrats have a philosophy of believing all women who have accused Republicans of sexual assault, even when there’s no proof, i.e., Brett KavanaughIt seems Democrats accused of inappropriate sexual conduct get a pass — see New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo  

There is photo evidence of Gov. Cuomo grabbing a woman’s face to kiss her, along with two other accounts of misconduct. Axios reports that Democrats are facing pressure from Republicans to condemn Gov. Cuomo as they would a Republican.  

Gov. Cuomo has released a statement that he will not resign, and that the women’s allegations were “miscommunications.” He will be quietly investigated sometime this month. Unless the heat on Gov. Cuomo ramps up within the next few days, it is safe to say Democrats and Republicans are held to starkly different standards by the #MeToo movement.  

You can read more about Democrats’ responses to the scandal (or lack thereof) in Kadia Goba, Alayna Treene, and Alexi McCammond’s piece in Axios Cuomo Scandal Snares Dems on #MeToo.”  [vc_separator][vc_column_text]

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