Newt Gingrich on Hannity | March 2, 2021

Newt and Sean discuss the consequences of the Democratic party’s radical agenda, specifically the bills they are trying to pass.


Newt Gingrich
March 2, 2021


Well, look I think this is the party that’s run Chicago for two generations. It’s the party that’s has a machine in New York. It’s the party that has built a huge machine in California, and I think that they know, absolutely know that if we have a fair election in 2022, that Kevin McCarthy is going to be speaker by probably a 30 or 40 or 50 vote margins. Remember when I became speaker, Bill Clinton had been in office two years, we picked up 54 seats. When Barack Obama got elected two years later, the Republicans picked up 63 seats. If you watch what they’re doing in the House, they’re doing a few things. They are ramming through every radical piece of legislation they can I think on the assumption that they think they’re going to lose the House in 2022 so they only have two years to get their agendas. Second, they’re going to try to rig the game, that’s what HR 1 is, it’s to rig the game to elect Democrats no matter what. I think it’s going to fail, it’s a terrible bill, and it’s a bill which guarantees the opportunity to steal elections on a grand scale. But I think you can see clearly what their strategies are: Try to turn the whole country into Chicago so the Democratic machine can run up for two or three generations. And failing that try to ram every radical position you can through the House before they lose it next year.


Look my first thought is that I think you are underestimating how much they’re passing through the House. They passed a bill which in effect was a declaration of war on Christianity and Judaism. They are planning to pass another series of bills that are coming down the road. If you look at the bill that has a trillion nine hundred thousand, if you look at that only 9 percent related to Covid, that gives them something like a trillion $730 billion to spend propping up their machine. Any every time you see them design a bill that pays off the teacher’s unions which is their biggest single support, or who pays off the big states whose pension funds are impossible to manage what you’re seeing is a desperate effort by the House Democrats to prop up and radicalize America before they lose power. I think most of it will crash and burn in the Senate. We shouldn’t in any sense relax, for this as much more than just executive order.


I think it will be. But remember just in the trillion dollar and hundred-billion-dollar bill, when you get down and look at the details , it passes more radicalism than the eight years of Clinton and the eight years of Obama combined. Just that one bill. What they’ve tried to do is flood the system so that people can’t track it. There’s so much stuff going on that the news media can’t track it, even the think tanks can’t track it. And we’ll find presently that there are a lot of things hidden in there, all of it designed to make America a more radical country.

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