Opioid Addiction Set to Rise Under the Biden Administration

A Flash Brief from the Gingrich 360 Team: 

America’s opioid crisis could potentially worsen thanks to President Joe Biden’s recent actions. In President Trump’s final days as commander-in-chief, he moved to allow more access to the opioid treatment drug buprenorphine. Previously, buprenorphine could only be prescribed by small number of physicians after a rigorous training process. 

Initially, President Biden stated he would follow the Trump administration’s lead with undoing the “X-waiver” licensing requirement for the drug. Now, Biden has gone back on his word despite the alarming number of opioid overdoses each day in the US and lack of treatment options. Buprenorphine has proved to be a safe treatment and there have already been bipartisan movements to combat the opioid crisis, making the decision to eliminate the X-waiver common sense. 

While President Biden does have a tall task in helping handle the coronavirus, it is a huge mistake to suspend these opioid addiction measures. The president could provide wider access to buprenorphine in the future, but the delay on this action will cost thousands of lives. 

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