How Will COVID-19 Vaccines Work at General Pharmacies?

A Flash Brief from the Gingrich 360 Team: 

The various COVID-19 vaccines are slowly being distributed around the United States and the entire world. While the vaccination process has been exclusive so far, pharmacies and groceries are preparing to offer vaccines now. One of the biggest questions, however, is who can receive these vaccines and what happens to the leftovers? 

Roughly one million doses are set to be available at CVS, Walmart, and other retailers but it’s likely not all of these will be used. Even now, some are not showing up for their vaccination appointments or aren’t receiving their second dose. Since the vaccines can expire, a number have and will continue to go to waste. Each state also has their own vaccine rules and prioritization for citizens making the process even more difficult.  

Luckily, employees at these stores are eligible for vaccination in most cases and can use an extra dose should someone fail to show up. Some are offering these set to expire vaccines to shoppers in the store, calling waitlists, or finding other priority workers. A CVS spokesperson said, “We’re not going to let a dose go to waste.” Rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine will likely continue to be slow, but the fact that so many have already been treated gives much needed hope.  

Read more about the vaccine distribution process at the Wall Street Journal.

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