Newt Gingrich on Hannity | February 8, 2021

Newt covers why Democrats are set on impeaching Donald Trump and the precedent it could set for the future.


Newt Gingrich
February 8, 2021


You know, I agree with all of those as tactics, but there’s something more profound. I just did a podcast on this on Gingrich360 going back to John Wilkes in the 1760s in Great Britain. The idea that politicians sitting in Washington D.C. think that they have the power to say to 75 million Americans, we will decide whether or not you get to vote for this guy again. That is such a profound attack on the entire American system. The level of corruption and ego that suggests for everybody who votes yes is astonishing. Not talking about President Trump, talk about citizen Trump. That’s what he is right now, he’s a citizen. By what right do a bunch of Washington politicians have to reach out to a citizen and limit their opportunities based on what? Partisan hatred? This is one of the most profound attacks we’ve seen on the American system that we’ve ever seen. The oligarchs, all of them are on the same team. All of them are in favor of crushing the American people’s right to pick the leaders that they want and instead impose the leaders that the elites want. I think it’s an amazing moment.


Look, I think you’re on to something. I wish that the Trump lawyers would submit a public list of the people that they want to subpoena starting, of course, with Chuck Schumer for standing in front of the supreme court and just ask him, what did his words mean? Maxine Waters, what did her words mean? Nancy Pelosi, you can go down the list. They can find 20 or 30 Democrats and they should list all of them and say these are our first defense witnesses. We want the Senate to subpoena every one of these and demand that they come and testify. Now remember this is not a trial. This is like a mock court. This is not a real trial. You don’t have a judge…


No, wait a second, Sean. Hear me out. Every movie you’ve ever seen where you have for example a criminal trial, if the jurors are not willing to say that they haven’t made their mind up, they’re struck from the jury. How can you have a judge, quote “Judge” who has already announced that he want conviction. This is like a western movie where the mob wants to lynch somebody, and the mob and the judge is over there drunk going go ahead boys. This has no resemblance to a real trial. It’s a mock trial and it’s pathetic.

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