Newt Gingrich on America’s Newsroom | February 5, 2021

Newt discusses how Republicans should counter the actions the Democratic party is taking and gives his thoughts on AOC’s Capitol protest story.


Newt Gingrich
America’s Newsroom
February 5, 2021


Let me start and point out this is the third time they’ve done this. Bill Clinton passed a huge tax increase with no Republicans, and in 1994 they lost 54 seats in the House. Pelosi and others rammed through bills with no Republicans, and in 2010 they lost 63 seats in the House. What the Democrats have now clearly decided is that they will go for broke on a radical agenda. They will do everything they can without any Republicans, and that means that they will own everything in the election of 2022 and almost certainly guarantees that Kevin McCarthy is the next Speaker, and the Democrats will once again, for the third time, have thrown away control of the Congress.


I think they need to focus on the facts. For example, Biden has nominated for the number two slot at the Department of Labor, a woman who in Washington state presided over 600 million dollars being stolen largely by Nigerians through a cyber theft project on unemployment compensation. Making her the cover girl for the Democratic party would be an example. And things that matter to people, I think the Democrats are in deep, deep trouble. They aren’t going to scare the country about Qanon but the country should be scared that the admiral in charge of strategic command has said we need to shift from deterring nuclear war to understanding that a nuclear war is very possible from an article he wrote this month in the Navy proceedings. It’s a dangerous world out there. It isn’t the world of Qanon. We’re told we can’t build a wall to protect America but we are going to build a wall against the U.S. Capitol to protect the capitol from Americans? The Republicans have lots of good issues and need to ignore the tripe. Frankly, I think the reason Nancy Pelosi is so hysterical is she knows she is about to lose the speakership for her party. She can’t figure out a way to deal with it. She is down to a five-vote margin. That five vote margin will break down sometime this spring as members start to say hey, I can’t go back home if I keep voting like a radical. At that point McCarthy will be the functional leader of the House.


I think you have to ask yourself why would Nancy Mace stand up unless she thought she was telling the truth? She doesn’t have to be in the middle of this fight. I think the word she used was right. She was disgusted by the dishonesty of AOC and her whole story is foolish. I haven’t heard of any other member talk about cowering, hiding, etc. The fact is that if it’s true, and this should be a matter of fact, not opinion, if it’s true that she was in the Cannon Office building, and if it’s true as Nancy Mace says that there were no problems in the corridor, you have to ask was this something happening in AOC’s mind? Did she experience this even if it didn’t happen? Or did she make it up?


Nancy Mace has pointed out that not only is she is survivor of rape but actually led a program to help women cope with and come to grips with it. I don’t think Nancy Mace will give an inch. I think in this contest, AOC shrinks, and Nancy Mace gets bigger.

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