Newt Gingrich on the Ingraham Angle | January 26, 2021

Newt talks with Laura Ingraham about the path America is heading down and the danger of China to our future.


Newt Gingrich
Ingraham Angle
January 26, 2021


Well look, if I were the Chinese, I’d be thrilled with the first couple steps of the Biden administration when President Biden kills the pipeline, he creates almost a guarantee that the Canadians will now build the pipeline to the pacific rather than to Texas. When they go to the pacific, they’re going to sell Canadian oil and gas to the Chinese. The Chinese are thrilled that we are rejoining the Paris Peace Accord because it was written to be totally pro-China and anti-America. It kills American jobs in return for a Chinese promise that someday in the future maybe they will do something good. When he rejoins, when Biden rejoins the world health organization, he is rejoining an organization dominated by the Chinese, an organization which lied about the Chinese virus, Covid-19, which is a Chinese virus. And so once again, he puts the Chinese in charge. President Xi’s idea of multilateralism is a series of organizations which the Chinese have been working very effectively to dominate and they are thrilled to convince us that we should be sort of their junior partners. Meanwhile the Europeans led by Chancellor Merkel who you just had on a second ago have signed a trade agreement with Beijing which is remarkably anti-American, remarkably pro-Chinese, was driven through by the German chancellor and is really almost a declaration that the Europeans would rather live in a world dominated by China than in a world led by the United States.


Look, I think part of what happened was when led by Ronald Reagan, the United States defeated the Soviet empire and it literally collapsed. We went through about a 20-year period where we were so dominant that nobody that on the left wing had any sense that there was any kind of foreign danger. So, their view is they can afford to tear America apart, take for example what the teachers unions are doing. If you want to guarantee that the Chinese are going to dominate the future, make sure that young American children don’t get to go to school. We have children now who are missing a year or more of education. The Chinese love this. Every single week that the teacher’s union in Chicago keeps children out of class is a week where the Chinese are gaining ground. I think we really don’t appreciate this.


First of all, she keeps violating the Constitution. This latest impeachment is a simple example. She uses her power ruthlessly and she has really pushed through the most radical positions ever taken by an American speaker including abolishing mother and father and uncle and aunt and son and daughter as words, literally trying to strip out any gender reference from the house of representatives. I think she’s very dangerous.

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