Nikki Haley: Biden administration’s goal will be to impose more control over America’s culture and economy

Democrats will control all elected branches of government for at least two years and they will likely use this power to control our culture and economy. While liberals from previous generations advocated for the freedoms of speech and religion, the modern Left has adopted political correctness and cancel culture as its guiding principles. Liberal elites have tried to boycott a Hispanic-owned company because of its owner’s political beliefs, shamed professors who did not preach their ideology, mandated a school curriculum that condemns our founders and targeted conservative nonprofits. On the economic front, they believe in raising taxes and implementing business-killing regulations, creating an economy that will stifle innovation and eliminate jobs. Most of us know that America is not the same country without its freedom and it is the duty of the loyal opposition to preserve it. Hence, we must resolve to fight for America and to keep its freedom alive.

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